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Container transportation volume of Transgarant totaled 150 thousand TEU in 2012.

Container transportation volume of Transgarant totaled 148,87 thousand TEU in 2012 and increased the previous year by 1%. Freight rail turnover of the company in 2012 was 29,7 billion ton- km and decreased by 11% compared with a freight rail turnover in 2011. Annual transportation volume was more than 23,6 million tones, that was 8% lower than indicator of the previous year.

The average distance of loaded trip rose by 20% (till 5665 km). Moreover the flat cars turn-round grew by 10% (till 12,4 days). Despite these factors, the container transportation volume increased in 2012.

The decrease of performance indicators, such as freight rail turnover and transportation volume, was caused by rail cars turn-round growing by 4% (till 10,8 days) and also the reduction of rolling stock by 2,3% (till 16194 cars)

Due to diversified rolling stock fleet and extensive customer base Transgarant Group has obtained experience in transportation of wide range of cargoes. The first tariff class goods take the dominated position in transportation structure - 83% of the total traffic. The main goods are: coal (9.8 million tons or 42% of total traffic), iron ore (5.5 million tons, with a share of 23%) and building cargoes (1.8 million tons, or 8% of total traffic). The shares of second and third-class goods take 7% and 10%, respectively.

Transgarant is one of the major companies in Russian transportation market and a part of FESCO Transportation Group. The company provides freight rail services in industrial cargo transportation.

Transgarant incorporates four subsidiaries : Transgarant-Ukraine, Transgarant-Vostok, FESCO Rail, SIA Tektrans (Riga). The company operates 16,2 thousand units of rolling stock, 92% of cars are own. Rolling stock fleet of Transgarant Group consists both multipurpose and specialized railcars. The company also has 5 main line diesel locomotives and 2 shunting locomotives.

The company provides transportation via Russia and CIS, has branches and representations in 25 cities. Freight rail turnover of the company in 2012 is 29,7 billion ton- km. Annual transportation volume is more than 23,6 million tones.

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