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Transgarant and HOYER have signed a convention

The freight rail operator Transgarant and the logistics provider HOYER RUS have signed a convention.

The project called “Strategic Alliance” has been founded for both company`s efficient business and more efficient using of company`s facilities and assets for superior service offering.

Due to convention the companies are ready to render joint service using Transgarant`s fitting flat cars and HOYER`s tank containers for meeting clients needs via Russia and abroad. Service can be used for liquid bulk cargoes, oil products, foodstuffs, and also liquefied petroleum gases both in Europe and between continents.

According to Alexey Grom, First Vise President of FESCO Transportation Group and Managing Director of  Transgarant, the strategy of Alliance will allow not only expand the scope of operation by specialized containers, but more efficiently use rail infrastructure facilities. Also Alexey Grom emphasized the goals of service corresponded with the bullet points of scientific and technical policy of RZD, stated in RZD White Book, about a high level of innovations and safety of rail transportation.

According to Vadim Khalme, Director of HOYER RUS, cooperation within Strategic Alliance  scope significantly expand both parties business operation, supplementing their market activities with new superior logistics services for meeting the needs and requirements of each potential customer.

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