Subsidiaries and branches

Transgarant group incorporatessome subsidiaries, each one specializing inadefinite type ofworks. Operations ofall subsidiaries are coordinated from the Transgarant head office.

Subsidiary Transgarant-Ukraine

Transgarant-Ukraine isthe major privately owned freight rail operator inUkraine. Itprovides forwarding services for the companies ofthe metals and mining sector ofUkraine economy. Its subsidiaries are located inDonetsk and Dnepropetrovsk. The company including 748 own ore pellet cars and 423 gondola cars. The key customers are Northern ore-dressing combine, Southern ore-dressing combine, Azovsteel, Donetsksteel, Zaporozhsteel.

DirectorEduard N. Tatyanich

Address: 5/|2, Demitrova St., Kiev, Ukraine 03150
telephone/fax: 8-10-38 (044) 499-04-66 (67)

Group Metiztrans

Metiztrans rolling stock fleet amounts 971cars, including 732 gondola cars, 120 fitting flat cars, 50box cars, 20oil tanks, and 49refrigerator cars.
The company activities are focused oncoal transportations via Eastern Siberia and Far East.

Manager Svetlana S. Silka

Address: 24/1, Radio Street, Moscow, Russia, 105005
telephone(495) 969-22-16
fax(495) 969-22-17

SIA Tektrans

SIA Tektrans was founded in2002 inLatvia asafreight rail operator for liquefied petroleum gas transportation. The company operates its own fleet of253 specialized large capacity tanks of75cubm. The company isengaged inexport, import and transit freight rail transportation ofliquefied petroleum gas and light pertroleum raw materials via railway network ofCIS and Baltic countries. The business unit inMoscow represents the companys interests inCIS.

Board MemberValery A. Ponomarenko

Address: 48, Sesku St., Riga (LV 1082), Latvia
telephone: 8-10 (371) 67-045-300
fax: 8-10 (371) 67-045-328


The company owns the main line diesel locomotive of210 series and rents aspur track of7km, adjoining Nerungri Hydropower Plant, there Transgarant provides coal transportations bythe company own trains.

General ManagerAleksandr N. Semochkin

Address: 24/1, Radio St., Moscow 105005
telephone: (495) 739-11-27
fax: (495) 739-11-29