Social responsibility

The most important aspect of Transgarant’s social activities is charitable assistance to children’s homes and boarding schools, disabled people, large families, educational institutions and medical establishments intended for orphaned children.

The coordinating center in this area of activities is the welfare fund Aliye Parusa, established in 2003.

The fund’s board of guardians approved the charitable program ‘From kind hands with love’ under which soft and cabinet furniture was purchased, including also intellect-developing games for children from children’s homes and boarding schools, and also financial aid to needy families. The fund management organized a trip to St.Petersburg for orphaned children from the Talovskaya boarding school. Actions for financial aid were conducted for pupils of the Pavlovskaya and Talovskaya boarding schools for the purpose of stimulating high achievements in study and active participation in public life.

Children from the Talovskaya boarding school drawing railroad