Corporate mission and goals

Transgarant`s mission is focused on providing every client throughout the 1520 zone1 with an optimal and efficient transport component to guarantee the most successful business.

Transgarant`s Goals

Transgarant as a group of companies in a railway area with its own brand in the multiple structure of the FESCO Transportation Group must become the most effective privately owned freight rail operator of 1520 zone, providing services in the wholesale and retail sectors.

Combining efficient compliance with technical and technological standards of railway transport, proven track record of management and up-to-date IT, Transgarant must became a leader of railway transport sector by the quality of services.

1 1520 means 1 520 mm. This is officially approved width of railway gauge in Russia, CIS and Baltic states, Mongolia and Finland. Its total length in these territories is 226 830 km. Such gauge is also called wide gauge, as compared to the so called